Laser Cut 3D 'Christmas Cards' Post Office Box - Large Size

Brand: Laser Craft Shapes
Product Code: CTO32 - 30 PIECES
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Dimension (L x D x H):
250.00 mm x 210.00 mm x 580.00 mm
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Laser Cut 3D 'Christmas Cards' Post Office Box - Large Size

Special Occasion Post Box
Freestanding post box which can be used in schools for children to post Christmas cards into for Santa or Class friends.
The Box comes flat packed for you to assemble your self. You will need to glue them together. Glue is not provided but we recommend using wood glue.
Don't forget to leave the top pannel unglued so you can remove your cards after the wedding and reuse your post box.
For the Large Size Option - The main box is cut in 3mm, the front panel and lettering can be cut in 3mm or 6mm to create a 3D effect. The front section and lettering need to be glued in place. 
Large Size - Approx 580mm Height x 250mm Length x 210mm Width
All of our items are laser cut and etched in great detail for a more defined item.
Great item for home crafting or professional crafting.
Please note these items are cut to order therefore will take longer to process than a standard item. 
Please see our home page for current dispatch times. 



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